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January 5, 2013
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Raphael AxO App by CoffeeToy Raphael AxO App by CoffeeToy

- Name: Raphael Holling

- Age: 20

- height: 170 cm

- weight: 50 kg

- gender: Male

- Year: Sophmore

- Group: Alpha

- Major: music

-roomate: Erick [link] //pparrtyy timmeee

-sexual orientation: secretly ghey undefined yet

- Personality:

:bulletred: charismatic- the kind of guy to punch everyone for a hello, his friends won't miss his presence, he feels comfortable in front of a crowd and dreams to form a band.

:bulletred: high self esteem- he knows his worth, he isn't easily embarrassed and wouldn't mind carrying public acts that most people would be too shy to perform

:bulletred: aggressive- he inst a hot headed but is also easy on the trigger when it comes to smacking and punching from light and friendly to serious and fights.

:bulletred: touchy- he loves to be physical and doesn't really pay attention to people being shy or their desire for personal space. especially with his friends, his arms will always find their way around their necks.

:bulletred: is quiet and is loud!- he wouldn't voice his opinion for no reason, but his guitar is well heard.

:bulletred: confident- he doesn't care what people think of him, won't shift an opinion for someone else's sake.

:bulletred: slightly rude- he doesn't do it on purpose but words can slip naturally from his mouth, and he wouldn't really care if someone's feelings are hurt, a normal healthy person wouldn't get hurt so quickly anyway.

:bulletred: sloppy- he's the type to wear his pants in sucha sloppy way they might fall on their own. he can't wear a tie properly without effort, it pisses him off.

:bulletred: he often messes with innocent or weak people. simply to relieve boredom or for no reason, just random/

- History:

He isn't in touch with his father and sister simply because they don't live in the same house.
his parents don't live together, he was raised by his mother, and his sister by his father.

they are not separated, but were never married in the first place, the parents' relationship is a good one, they mostly comunicate on the phone or internet.
but due to the distance they hardly get to meet; and not enough for the two siblings to really get to know eachother well, and they aren't that bothered by it either.

his mother is overprotective and it clashes with him being extremely independent.
he would often travel alot as a kid without telling his mother. she would call him on the phone and he would ignore it;
she means well but he wanted to be unleashed.
when he was thirteen he bought his first guitar which he paid for himself. he worked for it in anything he could find, and was fascinated by the abilities of this tool.
when he was 16 he formed a band with three good friends;
they were childhood friends he used to always hang out with and make his mother worry; they used to go to rock concerts, and spend time under bridges or on roofs smoking cigarretes when they werent even of age to buy them (16) with a bottle of cheap alcohol that at the end turned into an ashtray. around that time he discovered the world of classical music and began to fuse it with rock.
they had a garage, and it became like an improvized junkyard of appartment, they mostly practiced there, but Raphael loved to come there even without a reason just to be outside of his home , when they grew older, around the age of 17 and
some of them were 18, the differences were obvious
two of them only thought the group as a fun activity no more
while the other two wanted to go for a music career, Raphael and his best friend were aiming for this career. Raphael always thought he was made for it- his friend was so talented in playing and improvizing Raphael was no match for him and always looked up to him and tried to reach his level.
he knew this band wouldn't last forever but in no way could he have guessed the way it ended.

his friend was involved in a car accident; it didn't take long before he deceased in his hospital bed.
during the time he was hospitlized he asked Raphael to play something for him in case the worst happens, something powerful.
also he said "I don't think you knew this, but smoking is bad for your health".
he tried to keep it in good humour but he meant it.

the reason to the accident was him messing with the cigarrete instead of paying enough attention to the sorrounding.
but that was not why he said what he said.

and indeed Raphael ended up playing in his funeral. it was Raphael's favorite song- Mozart's requiem.
and shortly after that he quit smoking too; there was nothing good coming out of it , although it had a social angle to it..

when he's alone he avoids smoking, but among smokers he might be tempted to ask for a smoke.
it's hard to quit, especially when he started so young.

it didn't take long for the band to disband

and the members didn't keep in touch after school ended. each went on his own way.

it was time for Raphael to do what's right for him, he played in some cheap places and city events for either almost no fee or for free to make his way up the ladder. one day a man approached him with academy papers introducing him to Nosh academy, telling him he was "Nosh material" and that was just what Raphael needed. after hearing so many good things about it it he brought the papers with him to the place, it was huge and exciting. he took a music major in order to follow his dream plan, today Raphael is at his second year.

he intends to form a new band by the time he finishes his studies.

- Likes:

+electric guitar

+ juices that come in boxes


+classical music

+green color

+stormy weather- he loves to play when it thunders outside

- Dislikes:

- ties

- formal clothes

-boring lectures, he wants to go out and play some notes

- get tickled

- Additional Info:

:bulletorange: he's a musician, mostly plays the guitar, both electric and classic
loves classical music and translates it to his electric guitar sound.

:bulletorange: he is extremely sensitive to tickles, expect a punch to end it in instant.

:bulletorange: looks for talents to form a band with after his previous band disbanded.

:bulletorange: he calls himself Rann , and so should everyone else, unless the person is extrememly close to him or it's an official matter, he would say his name is Rann
it says Raphael in his id.
:bulletorange: fvourite beer- Weihenstephan

:bulletorage: ex-smoker

favourite song: Lux aeterna (mozart, requiem for a dream)
***jump to 0:57 to get the essence of it~!

phone contacts:

houses/rooms he's visited:
none :iconteheplz: I dunno lol, seems informative
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EXHellfire Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like the way you draw faces and hair.
explodingsnap26 Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I thought at first it was Marshal lee.
Cappuchi Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
he looks so precious OAO *touches his face*
I love the style! and he's a musician hnnng good things~
his half closed eyes and lazy expression gives him this ruggish look,
but with the added hair clips... i dunno why but it just makes him extra cute despite his tired look!

I would love to rp with you whenever you're available o u o
CoffeeToy Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
thank you! and sure I'd love to rp when I have time ;v;
school's eating it all up ~v~
BeesHoneypot Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
Haven't said it yet but man I love his sloppy look <3~
And his eyes~ like he seemed to be annoyed/bored but it's kinda cool in some way övöb
CoffeeToy Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
:iconloveloveplz: thank youuu ;v;~~!

your babu is also so :iconblushplz:

can't wait to draw a group pic
I want to make one of all the 'bad attitude boys'
BeesHoneypot Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
Haha thanks ;u; pretty boys all over the place hnnng!

>;D man that would be awesome! :iconallmyloveplz:
DizDear Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
His story is enticing, and he looks fantastic!
I would so love it if we could rp sometime <3
CoffeeToy Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
sure~ I am always happy to rp, but right now I am so busy /til monday

so I only do quick note rps with omegas who want to be his roomies *7*
/to check if it fits plot wise for both sides ;v;/
while I have someone in mind, I am waiting for the group to announce the room thing, before making a decision, after monday I will gladly do any rp!!! <3
DizDear Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
ok that's fantastic, I'm actually in a cosplay crunch time till the end of Feb anyways.

Would you like to start the noting or shall I?
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